Ryan’s “Drier Thursday Evening” Forecast

As expected, a drier Thursday evening after another wet and rough day of storms. Now that the storms are cut off from their main source of energy, daytime heating, we’re starting to see the storms dissipate a bit and are starting to see more light showers, although stronger storms will continue over the water overnight. Tonight will remain consistently in the upper 70s with Westerly winds and scattered light showers. We’ll see more thunderstorms tomorrow though, as Friday is expected to be very similar conditions to what we saw today: pockets of very heavy rain inside of widespread showers and thunderstorms. Our already saturated ground won’t be able to accept much more water so localized residential and poor drainage flooding is likely. We’ll start seeing river flooding as well in the next few days. The Biloxi river is already past flood stage but isn’t forecast to go too much higher yet, while the Tchoutacabouffa and the Wolf will crest just short of flood stage. A Flash Flood watch is in effect for all coastal counties through Saturday morning in most cases, so be aware of areas of standing water while driving, and remember to “turn around, don’t drown.” Rain continues into Monday, at which point I expect to see some gradual clearing and a little bit of the Sun.

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