Ryan’s “Dense Fog” Tuesday Night Forecast

Dense fog remained over the coastline and near inland bodies of water, but cleared some in the inland areas and northern coastal counties. That respite won’t last long though, as temperatures cool tonight even those clear areas will see their dewpoint depressions drop bringing the dense fog right back until the morning tomorrow. A cold front will move through overnight, bringing a quick round of rain and chance of an isolated thunderstorm, but the airmass behind is barely any drier or cooler, so changes will be slow and subtle. Another low pressure system is brewing near the Rockies and will being moving Southeastward into the plains by Friday morning, which has a stronger, Arctic airmass behind it. This system will bring winter weather to the plains, but outside of a barely non-theoretical chance we won’t be seeing anything other than some cold rain. Temperatures remain cool and clear after Christmas, leading to a few chilly nights and cool days, but otherwise great travelling weather.

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