Ryan’s “Clearing Wednesday” Forecast

We’ve seen a bit of clearing this Wednesday evening, which will be a welcome change after days of overcast skies and spotty showers. In fact, tonight began clearing a little earlier than i expected so it’s possible we may cool slightly past my intended low of 77. We will squeak back into the 90s tomorrow with an afternoon high near 91 and only a slight chance of afternoon thunderstorms. This is essentially your forecast for the entire week, as it will certainly be one for those who don’t like sudden changes. We will see these low 90s, low rain chances, and moderate cloud cover days every day for the next several, though the temperature will gradually warm, ending near 92 by next Wednesday. Also, after nearly a month of no tropical activity, we do have a 30% chance of 2-day formation just West of Africa near the Cabo Verde Islands. This system is moving slowly westward, and will take over a week before it really begins to threaten any Gulf targets, assuming it even develops or heads our way. We’ll certainly monitor the situation and give you regular updates. You can also get our free weather app from your app store, just search “WXXV Weather” and pick up our news app while you’re there.

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