Ryan’s “Calmer Friday” Forecast, But The Rain Remains

It was a much calmer Friday today, especially after the strong storms that moved through early yesterday afternoon. Late in the evening, thunderstorms moving South from the Hattiesburg area began to approach the six coastal counties, but the storms ran out of “juice” before making it as far South as Harrison County. Some light showers and cloud cover remains in place for the rest of the evening, but a quiet evening is expected, with a low near 77. A heat advisory is already in place through the night and into tomorrow evening since we are expecting a high near 94 with high humidity. We can see heat index levels as high as 107 as far South as the waterfront. Be sure to take extra precautions to protect yourself from the dangerous weather by limiting outdoor exposure, taking frequent breaks if working outside, hydrate often, and wear protective, shady clothing. Storms will cool off localized areas as the begin to pop up in the later parts of the afternoon, but they’re expected to be slow moving rain producers so areas that see rain could see a significant amount, between 2-3″, but others may see none. The rainy conditions worsen as we head into the beginning of next week. Sunday brings a chance of rain greater than 60% and only a slight dip is expected Monday through Wednesday. A broad area of low pressure remains in the Northeastern Gulf over the next few days and the possibility of a tropical system forming are becoming more and more likely. We’ll monitor the situation as it develops. Make sure you keep an umbrella or rain jacket in your car over the next week or more, you never know where you’ll be when the rain gets started. Remember: NBC News 25 at PM 10 will be live at a special time for the next several weekdays as we wait for the Rio Olympics to conclude.

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