Police Step Up Enforcement

Waveland police say after being notified about multiple threats against officers they’re beefing up patrols today and Saturday. A Waveland Police Officer tells me the threats involved possible attacks and potential death to officers. Lieutenant Mac Cowand of the Waveland Police Department says after hearing about the threats the police department has stepped up patrol and is running more people on the road he says a business owner told Waveland police they heard people talking inside their business Saturday about plans to take out an officer. Cowand says that after incident like the mass shooting in Dallas, the department has to address this situation very seriously.
Lieutenant Mac Cowand told News 25, “There are more police officers being shot now all over the country. We haven’t had that case here obviously, but there are more shootings in Gulfport and there seems to be step up in violence.”
The Waveland police say they’ve received an out-pouring of support from the community. Cowand says they’ve had very little calls today but will continue to stay on full alert through-out the night.

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