Payton’s Wednesday Afternoon Tropical Update

All eyes are on the tropics as Potential Tropical Cyclone Two continues to organize. Hurricane Hunters are flying into the storm this afternoon to get a better idea of what its doing. This will help the forecast. The current forecast calls for increasing rain chances through the weekend as the system moves through the Gulf of Mexico. The current track has a hurricane making landfall anywhere in between Houston to Morgan City on Saturday morning or evening.  The storm will likely change to Tropical Storm Barry by tomorrow and continue to strengthen. Flooding rain is still the main concern right now. Track is everything though. A more eastern track means greater impacts in South Mississippi, but a west track means less of an impact. There will also be strong winds from the south for multiple days, which means coastal flooding could become an issue. The closer the storm the more flooding along the coast. The biggest message here is there are still a lot of uncertainties with this track too so confidence remains somewhat low. Those from Mississippi to Southeastern Texas should still monitor this and prepare for the potential of flooding rains and high winds.

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