Officers give back

Today, a pair of siblings woke up to find their bikes had been stolen, but their holiday season will remain cheerful thanks to the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department.
“We felt really scared because usually it happens to other people and I was freaked out because this time it happened to us.” Savannah is talking about waking up to realize both her bike and her brother’s bikes had been stolen.
“These bikes were right up against my house and for someone to be that close while you’re asleep is a scary thought.” Savannah and Christopher’s mother, Kelly Ferrill, notified authorities and got quite the surprise. Harrison County officers partnered up with Gulf Coast Bicycle Club and delivered brand new bikes, just like the old ones to their door steps. Captain Craig Necaise with the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department said “We are lucky enough to see those reactions and really it’s the community support from one to another that’s important.”
This heartwarming story doesn’t end right here, Kelly says she wants to pay it forward for the officer’s good dead. “It’s just a blessing. It’s something you don’t expect every day and my kids are very appreciative of it so I feel like I got to pay it forward and give back.”
Kelly partnered with Buffalo Wild Wings to provide everyone involved with a gift car. While at the restaurant, a guest overheard the story and added to the holiday cheer by giving a monetary donation to help pay it forward to the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department.

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