North Carolina woman ‘hunting’ for new nail place after witnessing deer butchering inside salon

(WXII/NBC News) – A High Point University student says she had a very strange experience at a North Carolina nail salon.

Morgan Taylor claims that after getting a pedicure a woman began butchering what Taylor overheard was deer meat inside Diamond Nails in High Point.

“Was sitting there getting my nails done and looked over and they were pulling out deer meat from a cooler and started cutting it without gloves on, on a tarp on the floor of the entry of the nail salon,” Taylor says.

Taylor says she overheard employees say it was deer meat, something she never expected to see while getting her nails done.

“Seeing a deer that was being cut up next to me really made me worried about the sanitation of the salon,” Taylor says.

She says there were other clients and employees there at the time who did not seem to mind.

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