Local Police Officers on Baton Rouge

The shooting that killed officers in Baton Rouge won’t scare the Biloxi police into training their new officers any differently for a job that, according to authorities, has always been dangerous.
The Operation Commander for the Biloxi Police Department says that every police officer should know that every day they put their badge on could be their last.
Major Jim Adamo tells News 25 the Biloxi Police Department has always been proud of their intense training program and he says he can’t see it changing.
Adamo says he does think the horrible tragedy in Baton Rouge has brought on a “perspective change” for police officers. “A heightened sense of awareness over your surroundings, maybe even more so than you normally would be, it’s always difficult because we’re kind of hyper vigilant anyway. I think we just have to make sure that we’re constantly looking out for each other and being there whenever we can. And whenever we can have two officers on a call if we can do that.”
Adamo says police officers need to understand and get involved with their community.
He tells News 25 there has definitely been a shift in public attitude towards officers. He says the community has been supportive of the Biloxi Police Department during this time.

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