Local baseball team celebrates lung cancer survivor

You play with heart when you play for a purpose and that’s exactly what one local baseball team did this weekend for a loving family member.

The ten years olds on the underclassmen baseball team are playing for their biggest fan. Grandmother to one of the players, Jan Lofties, who the team calls JJ, beat her battle with lung cancer.

The team is celebrating the anniversary of her cancer diagnosis. Team parents surprised JJ by changing their uniforms from their usual red and blue to the colors that represent lung cancer awareness.

JJ is a survivor and she says attending each and everyone of her grandson’s games keeps her alive. “It’s nice to be honored and to know that people are thinking about you. You kind of think as you go along the cancer journey that people kind of forget and they haven’t forgotten which is really nice. I got a phone call after my treatment and the people at the hospital said okay you’re still alive and what are you going to do with the rest of your life and you need to figure out what you’re going to do and be happy and this is what makes my husband and I happy so that’s what we do.”

The team thanks Jan for all she does for them and are proud to honor her.

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