Keep pets safe during NYE fireworks

Fireworks are fun and colorful for us, but the loud sounds scare our fur babies.

The Humane Society of South Mississippi shares some tips and tricks to keep your pet calm while celebrating the new year with loved ones.

First: distract them. Find their favorite toy and fill it with cheese or peanut butter. Freeze it and give it to them, that’ll keep them busy for a few hours.

Second: turn on the TV or relaxing music, this will help to ease their anxiety.

Finally: keep them inside. Dogs run away when they get scared. So, keeping them inside protects them from looking for you later on.

HSSM Development Director Katie King said, “The most important thing to do is keep your pet safe and inside. Making sure that they can’t get loose and if they get scared the first thing they’re going to wanna do is run off. So, you definitely want to keep them inside. If there are loud noises, the fireworks are close to you, you can definitely play music or turn on the TV for some distractions.”

The Humane Society of South Mississippi gets a lot of animals who have run away after new year’s fireworks. So, if your pet gets lost be sure to contact them when searching for your pet.

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