Jackson County Fair takes place this week

The Jackson County Fair has been around for nearly a century and every year it grows bigger and better.

Fair attendee Jessica Luce said, “We’re just having a great time. My little boy loves it. He would come every night, even in the rain.”

It was a wet start to the week, but that didn’t stop folks near or far from making their way to the Jackson County Fair for a good time. “We’re having the most fun. We saw the livestock and they have horses and cows and goats and pigs and chickens. We didn’t get wet whatsoever.”

The fair actually featured a couple hundred farm animals and even some animals that are considered endangered. Livestock Chair Dawn Jones said, “We have sheep that are from here, Mississippi. They started in Mississippi before the explorers even got to Mississippi. They are called Gulf Coast sheep. Instead of wool they have hair on them.”

Not to mention the 553 arts, crafts, and food vendors. Trevia Frost is with Momma Betty’s Sweet Shop. She says after growing up attending the fair, it’s only right to keep the tradition alive. “The fair has been around for 99 years. It’s a tradition and my grandmother taught me how to bake. It’s a tradition to bring the tradition to the tradition.”

Jones says the Jackson County Fair Association will continue to host the fair as a way of showcasing all that Jackson County has to offer. “It is fun and it’s being able to show the people of Jackson County that we have these things here in Jackson County. We want to educate the people, educate the kids on what cows actually look like, to show off the quilts in the arts building. We have some people who do such intricate work that people never know about.”

The fair kicked off on October 20th and continues through October 27th.

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