Hydraulic fluid spills on Popps Ferry Road

A hydraulic fluid spill was causing traffic delays on Popps Ferry Road in Biloxi.
The spill came from a Waste Pro truck around 12:30 this afternoon. Waste Pro’s pipe busted, causing over 70 gallons of fluid spilled on Atkinson Road and onto Popps Ferry Road. Since then, MDEQ has been on scene cleaning up the spill with an absorbent and has a contractor on site.
All lanes of the road are now open. MDEQ on Scene Coordinator Nick Hatten said, “The hydraulic fluid right now, as it sits on the asphalt, on the asphalt where it’s blocked off, it is, it’s a safety hazard. It is very slippery. Some of the people have already complained that they have fishtailed and things of that nature, yes.”
MDEQ confirms that this is the third hydraulic fluid spill that happened within one month from a Waste Pro truck.

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