The Hunt for Richard Merritt

The nationwide manhunt continues tonight for former Georgia attorney turned accused killer Richard Merritt. The victim of the alleged crime is his own mother.

Police believe the murder occurred just hours before he was set to report to prison for defrauding his clients out of hundreds of thousands of dollars over four years.

The hunt began February 1st at a house in Cobb County, Georgia. When 77-year-old Shirley Merritt was found at the bottom of her basement stairs, covered in blood. The cause of death: multiple stab wounds and blunt force head trauma.

Gail Stuck, Shirley’s sister, was stunned to find out what had happened and that the accused killer was none other than her nephew, prominent Cobb County, Georgia attorney Richard Merritt.

According to police, after cutting off his house arrest monitor the day of his mother’s murder, Merritt was last seen at a convenience store in the Atlanta area driving his mother’s 2009 dark grey Lexus SUV.

His whereabouts remain completely unknown, but Gail Stuck firmly believes that Merritt’s family in Laurel, Mississippi and his love for fishing and Irish pubs could lead him to our Coast or possibly New Orleans.

Richard’s brother, Robert, is a health scientist and professor at Emory University in Atlanta. His theory is that Richard could be virtually anywhere, alive or dead.

Gail Stuck and the rest of her family say they won’t give up seeking justice for her sister, who was loved by so many.

If you see Richard Merritt or the Lexus he was driving, contact local authorities or the U.S. Marshal’s Office.

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