Highway 90 Overpass opens in Biloxi

Today is opening day for Major League Baseball, it’s also opening day for Biloxi’s newest pedestrian walkway. Positioned right in front of MGM Park, pedestrians can now safely walk across Highway 90.

Reminiscent of an overpass of Biloxi’s past, the newest pedestrian walkway over Highway 90 in Biloxi is finally complete, just in time for the start of the Biloxi Shuckers season. Fans will find it much easier to get to the ballpark. Biloxi Mayor FoFo Gilich said, “You know this was almost the site of the old Buena Vista walkway. It’s always an opportunity, you know, to get away from the traffic and the take your life into your hands.”

The overpass is located directly in front of both the Beau Rivage Casino and Resort and MGM Park, although not technically connected to either.  The overpass is equipped with elevators, allowing for easy access for anyone. Mayor Gilich tells News 25 that pedestrian access is important for Biloxi and that this isn’t the only overpass planned. “I can see a couple of more happening. You know we have one right down the street that will be opening not to very far from now, too long from now. You know, again, I think it’s all a part of the plan to connect the water and beach to downtown, some of those other things, venues we have north of the highway.”

While the walkway provides easy access to and from the Beau Rivage and MGM Park, that’s not its only benefit. The driving force behind the walkway was pedestrian safety, which has been a lingering issue in the City of Biloxi. MDOT Southern District Transportation Commissioner Tom King said, “This is definitely a safety issue and that’s what brought us to recognize ‘hey, we need a walkway,’ pedestrian overhead walkway that will protect our citizens and the tourists that come to our city and come to Biloxi and the Coast.”

As for tips for those who choose to walk along busy highways like Highway 90, King says: “Always know what’s around you and your surroundings as you walk. Some vehicles can’t see you, some can. So, that’s why clothing is very important in what you wear when you’re a walker. If you’re just walking across the street, we’d like you to use the pedestrian walkway.”

The newest Highway 90 walkway is still under construction just past Main Street with the City of Biloxi expecting it to be complete by the end of this summer.

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