Heavy Rain Causes Floods all over the Coast

The rain keeps coming down on the Coast and flooding is becoming a serious problem for residents.
News 25’s Gina Tomlinson reports from East Biloxi where the rising water caused roads to close over the weekend.
More than five inches of rain in less than 24 hours, a down pour like this is a scary situation for 90-year-old Biloxi resident Mary Meltz. She says the water was so high on Division Street after New Year’s Eve showers there was no way she could have gotten out of her home if there had been an emergency. “It’s a big problem, as you can see the stones and everything are right by my house. If I had to have an ambulance it would be a little hard for them to get through and up into the house.”
The Coast had a soggy start to 2017. Saturday night’s heavy rain caused floods New Year’s morning from Jackson County to Hancock County. In East Biloxi where the roads are still under construction, flooding caused road closures, issues for the city and for residents. Biloxi resident Keith Necaise said, “Especially now since they’ve started now on the roads, it’s just horrible. The water stands everywhere now.”
Mary says the rising water has caused her house on Division a lot of damage, from the ceiling to leaks in her walls. And Sunday morning: “Water started to come up. It was coming over into my yard.”
Mary says Sunday morning you couldn’t even tell there was a road on Division Street because there was so much water. The City of Biloxi had about ten street closures throughout the day. “The whole street, all of it, was flooded from one side to the other side. It looked like a lake,” said Meltz.
The contractor the city hired for the road project in East Biloxi had workers pumping the water out until 2 a.m. Saturday night and they are working to prepare for the next round of rain because according to the forecast for the Coast more precipitation is ahead. “As saturated as it is, it’s probably going to be pretty deep around here,” said Necaise.

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