Harrison County Flooding

Not only did we bring in the new year this weekend, but we also brought in heavy rainfall and flooding.
Lamey Bridge Road in D’Iberville shut down early this morning. The roadway was completely covered with rain water at Johnson Still Road.
A housing complex off River Bluff Road was also surrounded by flood water which came up to the mailboxes.
Many cars turned around after seeing the road closed signed, but some decided to drive through it. Officials with Harrison County Emergency Management tell News 25 this is not only dangerous to the driver, but the first responders who have to rush to the scene to help. Harrison County EMA Director Rupert Lacy said, “They can’t go rushing through the water to get to people. They’ve got to either launch a boat or make sure they’ve got their personal flotation device on and lifelines and all that to go rescue you, but that rushing water is moving fast and you don’t think it’s going to have an effect, but before you realize it you’re over your head in water and you’re in deep water and then you’re traveling downstream.”
Other areas with bad flooding include Lorraine Road, Three Rivers Road, and Lower Fisherman’s Trail. Those were affected by the Biloxi River.

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