Gulfport company launches incentive program

With the continued demand for labor in Gulfport and across the country, hiring incentives have more than doubled and people searching for jobs offering incentives has jumped as well since the beginning of the year.

Spherion Staffing Gulfport, a local business on the Coast, has launched a two-month incentive program to help businesses fill jobs along the Coast.

From July 12th to September 13th, the company will be giving away 150 prizes to active employees ranging from MacBook Air laptops, Apple watches, flat screen TVs, to a brand-new Ford Mustang sports car.

Individuals working for Spherion will earn an entry into the sweepstakes for each week they work during the two-month period. Spherion Gulfport Franchise Owner Gena Champagne said, “We are working to get Americans back to work, get people back into the workforce. The people that are either unemployed or underemployed, helping them find employment that matches their skill set. It’s really important that we get people back into the workforce and getting American jobs back running again.”

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