Gautier Convention Center hosted 43rd annual Gulf Coast Orchid Society Show

The 43rd annual Gulf Coast Orchid Society show and sale featured an array of aromas and variety of colors during the three-day event.

It was an opportunity for orchid enthusiasts to learn from the experts on how to grow and sustain their flowers.

Orchid breeders from Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Florida all competed in the show.

Several displays were grouped into categories and judged by the American Orchid Society. Gulf Coast Orchid Society Member Richard Crespin said, “They look at each plant individually then they come back and look at all of them. They have an entry that has all the plants and they look at all the plants then they pick out the best plant and they award it with a ribbon, first, second, or third. If you got a real nice plant, they’ll put a tri-ribbon on it and if you got an outstanding plant, they’ll give what they call is a trophy.”

Winners of the show will have their flowers highlighted in the American Orchid Society Magazine.

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