Dense Fog Advisory

A fog advisory is issued whenever visibility are lowered to one fourth of a mile or less. Now this fog will begin to slowly lift after noon, but still be in the area. In the meantime, there are some safety measures you can take to ensure your safety. Make sure to slow down when on the roads and be mindful of other drivers. Allow plenty of space between you and other cars. Use your vehicle’s fog lights instead of your usual driving lights. These lights are mounted low an flat to stay close the road surface and minimize reflection back by fog and wide to better illuminate the sides of the roadway. Also, give yourself some extra time to get to work this morning. If you will be walking, running or biking this morning make sure to wear reflective gear. Be aware of local areas that tend to accumulate fog, like certain seaside areas, and other low lying area near lakes and rivers. Again, this advisory should begin to lift later in the morning.

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