Consequences of leaving pets in hot cars

It’s really heating up out there and sometimes our furry friends end up feeling the burn.

There is a city-wide ordinance in Biloxi that states if you leave an animal unattended in a vehicle and the animal appears to be in harm’s way, the Biloxi Police Department can recover the pet from the vehicle.

However, leaving a pet in the car during these sweltering months isn’t illegal as long as the owner is gone for a short amount of time, the air conditioner is running, and the pet has water.

Sergeant Joey Payne says if that’s not the case, pet owners could face some big consequences. “It does fall under the misdemeanor animal neglect and you could be arrested and you could be fined. We could tow your vehicle and we could seize your animals. Just be careful if you have to run an errand and it’s going to take a long time wherever you’re going, leave your pets at home so it will be safe.”

Sgt. Payne goes on to say if you see a pet locked in a car contact your local law enforcement agency before breaking the window.

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