Comeback Coolers

The Gulf Coast is no stranger to storms and the amount of devastation one like Hurricane Harvey can bring.
Now that the storm is over, people are starting to rebuild their lives and Mississippi natives like Heather Eason know that all too well. After surviving Katrina, Eason and her family began to rebuild what was left of their homes and she tells News 25 that one of her fondest memories is when someone offered her a cold beer. It was the feeling of normalcy that brought her comfort in such a hard time.
Now, she has created Comeback Coolers to give Harvey victims that same sense of comfort and hope of life returning to normal. “I mean we need water. We need food. We got all those things coming in, but this is something a little bit different. This is something that’s a little bit normal. This is something that just gives a moment of normal if nothing else and that’s what we are doing. We are delivering beer and sodas. We are delivering moments is what it is.”
For a full list of places where you can drop off Comeback Cooler donations, visit their Facebook page.

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