Butterflies in the Pass Monarch Festival spreads awareness about butterfly migration

Some people brought out their butterfly clothes and head bands as they celebrated the annual Butterflies in the Pass Monarch Festival.

Twenty exhibitors, along with guest speakers, helped educate everyone about pollination, gardening, and butterfly migration.

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List, Monarch butterflies declined from as many as ten million to just about 1,900 over the past 40 years. That puts them at risk of extinction.

Wendy Allard with the Pass Christian Library tells News 25 this is a great way to raise awareness on how we can make the earth a better place for butterflies, bees, and humans. “It’s really special to see the families, the people with children. We have some special guests like the Pass Christian Library and the master gardeners and master naturals have special booths that have activities for the kids. So, we can let the kids know what they can do to help out.”

The Pass Christian Library is always willing to help people learn how to help with Monarchs through books or you can go to the Pass Christian Library Facebook page.

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