Better, Stronger, Faster: Bulldog Gets Bionic Leg

(KGW) — It’s Christmas time at the Audova’s family home in Lafayette, Oregon. Their yard is decorated with candy canes and snowmen.

The stockings are hung with care and there’s a pitter patter of paws just about everywhere.

Kim and Andrew Audova are the happy humans to a pack of special needs pooches.

Bella is a smiley bulldog with big bright eyes. She’s paraplegic and scurries to the door with her front two paws to greet visitors with a grin. Bella wears a diaper and a shirt to keep her stomach from getting carpet burn as she moves around the house.

Then there are the two pugs, Tinker Bell and Clifford. Tinker Bell is the alpha of the group. Her age is starting to show but she still has spunk. Clifford was the family’s first special needs dog. He was born with a cleft palate and other health issues.

Finally, there’s Willow. A nearly 1-year-old English bulldog who was born with leg deformities and had it amputated just four weeks ago. She’s a typical puppy: a lot of energy and begging for attention from everyone in the room.

“Now that I’ve done this, we’re hooked. We will always have special needs dogs. It’s where our heart is,” Kim said.

“They make the best pets without a doubt. They really do,” Andrew said. “We’ve had seven kids. So, we’re used to changing diapers.”

Each year the family goes all out on gifts for their furry family members, but this Christmas, Willow is getting a very special gift: a bionic leg thanks to a donation from Lily’s Pad Rescue, a special needs bulldog rescue out of Vancouver, Washington.

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