Annual house party at St. Martin East Elementary

Three years ago, St. Martin East Elementary decided as a school to move towards a new idea for students. They call it ‘five houses, one family.’ Today, students got to see what houses kindergartners and other new students would be placed into.

This day gives students a chance to associate with other students who wouldn’t necessarily be in their classroom. The different houses stand for a separate ‘be’ rule the school has such as ‘be kind,’ ‘be respectful,’ ‘be safe,’ ‘be honest,’ and ‘be responsible.’

Each house’s name also represents a different language or country as well, Umsebenzi being African and Mahalo being Hawaiian. St. Martin East Elementary Counselor Katie Noel said, “One of the first competitions that we will do will be a food drive that sponsors our own in house backpack buddy program to feed kids who don’t necessarily have enough food to get through the weekends. The first competition they will work together to see which house brings the most breakfast items, the most lunch items, and dinner items.”

Teachers and staff are also a part of houses within the school and they get into just as much as the students.

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