9/4 – Rob Knight’s “Tropical Storm Gordon Impacts” Forecast

Hurricane warning in effect for the Mississippi coast!

Most of the more significant weather concerns of this forecast is the first 24 hours with the approach and eventual landfall of Tropical Storm Gordon…potentially as a CAT 1 Hurricane.  Latest advisory forecast track still favors a Mississippi coast landfall this evening, though a little bit of wobble one side or the other could alter this outcome.

Conditions will begin to deteriorate this afternoon with the majority of the impacts this evening as landfall is still expected this evening/tonight. We should see a rather quick decay of the system as it penetrates farther inland overnight and into Wednesday morning. Rain banding may linger a bit longer as the feeder flow pattern would cut through the coastal sections of our forecast area to maintain a risk of locally heavy rainfall through Wednesday before the process shuts down and shifts well north heading into Thursday.

Once Gordon runs its course in the short-term, the weather pattern transitions back to regular onshore flow regime and attendant land-gulf breeze processes each day through the weekend.

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