9/10 – Payton’s Monday Afternoon Forecast

Another day with popup showers and thunderstorms across the area. Not everyone will see rain, but have rain gear just in case. This will be the trend throughout much of the week before rain chances start to decrease into the weekend. Temperatures will be in the upper 80s and lower 90s.

TROPICS: Today marks the climatological peak of hurricane season and it definitely is being verified. We have three named hurricanes, Florence, Isaac and Helene. Florence will threaten the Carolinas Thursday into Friday as a major hurricane. Helene will move into the open waters, and Isaac will move toward the Lesser Antilles Wednesday into Thursday. Beyond that most models want to dissipate Isaac and keep it from redeveloping. This is good news for us, but with that over a week away we’ll continue to babysit Isaac and keep a close eye on it. Another disturbance in the Caribbean has a medium chance of development as it moves into the Western Gulf of Mexico. If this does become a storm it will be named Joyce. It’s not a guarantee this becomes a storm, but the chance is there. It will likely move toward the Texas Coast. We’re not expecting any tropical impacts in South Mississippi from any of these storms. Continue to check back for updates though.

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