6/22 – The Chief’s “HEAT ADVISORY” Wednesday Morning Forecast

There are some subtle differences from yesterday as a heat advisory for today with somewhat warmer Heat Index temps and lower number of showers/t-storms. Placement of highest concentration will also be a bit different today. Heat Index values will snuggle up next to warning criteria for the next several days and could get into the lower end of these numbers (113+) over the same time frame.

Remember, heat is cumulative, so it’s very important to take frequent breaks in shade or cooling area when working or otherwise outdoors.

As for showers/t-storms, the area that should have the best coverage will be the northern half of the area especially once the sea-breeze kicks up this afternoon. Thursday and Friday look similar with heat indices number and showers/t-storms developing. But the placement looks to be back in line with the sea breeze boundary along and west of the Miss River.

High pressure that has been keeping the temperatures above normal will shift eastward slightly on Friday, giving us no relief from the heat though. On Saturday, the center of it actually moves directly over the area, raising temps just slightly. By Sunday, the ridge will weaken enough to allow a minor disturbance to move under it and create the best chance of rain for the next few days.

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