6/21 – Rob’s “Final Hours of Spring” Morning Forecast

Heat will be on again today and quite oppressive!!!

A heat advisory is n effect until 7 p.m. and will more than likely be issued tHROUGH the weekend

A low level inversion will strengthen Saturday and the chances of getting anything including showers will be very low for the. Sunday, moisture will begin to move back into the area in a deeper profile. Rain chances will begin to go up but still won`t be much outside the isolated range.

Monday, the inversion begins to weaken especially with heating causing a better number of showers/t-storms to occur. Monday looks like a transition day from dry mid-levels to more moisture in those same levels bringing about the possibility once again of an isolated downburst. Moisture levels are such that downburst numbers are too low by Tuesday and we begin to enter a period of more showers/t-storms development in the form of complex of activity moving in from the west and NW overnight and morning hours.

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