6/10 – Rob’s Monday Morning “Cold Front” Forecast

A rare late spring cold front was located between Shreveport and Texarkana will continue to slowly move across the area through the next 24 hours. Ahead of the front, compressional warming is expected to tack on a degree or two to present model numbers.

Winds will rise once the boundary passes and a few showers will also be present along the front. Nice conditions have slowly moved into the area over the last 24 hours and even better conditions will move through with the front. As dew points drop tonight, the dry air will become easily noticeable.

Another boundary that is barely noticeable will move through to reinforce the nice conditions Tuesday evening. Deep moisture along with showers/t-storms will reside over the central gulf just waiting for the dry dense air to give way and it will do so by Friday. Southerly winds will begin once again by Friday sending this moisture back toward the coast. This time, the moisture and showers/t-storms will move back rapidly overnight Friday night into Saturday morning. The leading edge of this will move through the area Saturday morning…with hints of this surge bringing a normal summer like pattern of daily showers/t-storms back to the area starting Saturday.

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