5/9 – Rob’s “Increasing Humidity” Morning Forecast

High pressure will remain in place over the southeast United States through the rest of the work week. Warm temperatures in the upper 80s and lower 90s will continue across our forecast area. Light winds are expected over the area as no significant precipitation is expected through Friday. There will be some relief from the heat along the coasts as sea-breezes will become more common. Going into the weekend we still look relatively dry.

Guidance still maintains this general idea but there could be an outside chance of a shower or storm in the afternoon hours on both days this weekend. Not a big chance but just a small chance as several models show a weak wave moving into the eastern Gulf of Mexico. This could increase rain chances as we go into the weekend and into early next week. I have not made major changes to the forecast yet. I have included low chance of precipitation for a large chunk of early next week. Will have to watch the evolution of this over the next few days as it could bring some welcomed rain across the region.)

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