3/15 – Jeff’s “Changing Pattern” Wednesday Afternoon Forecast

Cool conditions will remain today under abundant sunshine. Winds will be shifting to an easterly, and then southeasterly direction as high pressure moves farther east. Thanks to southerly flow and increasing moisture, overnight lows will be slightly less cold tonight. Tomorrow is the true transitional day in the pattern. Moisture will increase throughout the day along with temperatures warming into the 70s. Moisture recovery will continue ahead of the next system that makes its mark on our area Friday.

A strong cold front will work through the region Friday. A line of showers and thunderstorms is poised to develop. It will bring the potential of strong damaging winds and heavy rainfall. The Storm Prediction Center has put our area under a Level 2 of 5 threat for severe thunderstorms. The timing of impactful weather looks to be between mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

Following the cold front, temperatures will be much cooler this weekend. Upper-level clouds will still remain. This is still far out, but it is worth mentioning that a system could form on the tail end of the cold front at the beginning of next week. The potential is there for a gloomy, raw start to the next workweek.

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