09/11 Ryan’s “Damp” Wednesday Evening Forecast


Today’s rain chances were in the single digits, but a few showers did manage to make things a little more damp in the afternoon. We didn’t see many of them, but they did cool the afternoon down a bit. Don’t expect many more for the rest of the week though. Sunshine and mostly clear skies will carry us through the rest of the week but a particularly rainy weekend lies ahead.

A tropical wave is moving in which currently has a 70% of tropical development over the next 3-5 days.

It’s likely a tropical depression forms over the weekend, and even a tropical storm isn’t out of the question. Whatever the case, it certainly isn’t going to be another Dorian since it won’t have long over open water to develop. Expect the showers to move in by Saturday night and we’ll see the stormy conditions linger into the beginning of next week. Unless something drastic changes, wind speeds won’t reach severe levels, but flash flooding will be something to watch for as the rain piles up.