Moss Point Mayor speaks on embezzlement arrests of former city empoylees


Two former employees with the City of Moss Point are behind bars today on embezzlement charges that reportedly took place from 2015 to 2016.

Kenya Bowens and Lakeshia Benton were arrested Friday by the state auditor’s office on charges of embezzlement. The former city employees are accused of collecting cash payments from customers paying water bill fines, pocketing the cash they collected and voiding the transaction receipts. Moss Point Mayor Mario King said, “One of the employees took about $11,000 and the other took around $1,900. So, I’m confident that I’ve worked diligently. I’ve had the state auditor come right here in our office and talk with me about this case.”

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A supervisor noticed the odd number of voided transaction authorized by Benton and Bowens and reported the discrepancies. The maximum penalty they could face is a $5,000 fine or 20 years in prison. “Over the past couple of years, city employees have been able to do to a lot. They’ve been able to get away with a lot. You have a working mayor in Moss Point that loves the community and wants to build the community that wants to truly see this community rejuvenated.”

As far as moving forward, Moss Point Mayor Mario King challenges his veteran employees to hold co-workers and citizens of Moss Point accountable to continue his vision for the City of Moss Point. “We have shown with this arrest that we will stay on top of state departments. We will stay on top of the District Attorney’s Office and we will work together as a collective unit in Mississippi to ensure that our city is truly being rejuvenated.”