12/14 Ryan’s “Drying” Wednesday Night Forecast

Expect to see some drying overnight, even though moisture remains trapped in the lower levels due to a temperature inversion. Cooler and drier air will continue to surge into the area after midnight, leading to some clearer skies and an afternoon high in the 50s. Expect these conditions to continue through Thursday and into most of Friday before the high shifts further Eastward, causing Southerly winds to bring moisture and warmer temps in from the Gulf. Temperatures will increase into the 70s by Saturday, and low forming on the leeward side of the Rockies will be heading into the Northern parts of the state by then. Current estimates place a cold front in the area by Sunday morning, and t-storms are likely through the early parts of the day. There could be some severe weather, as it looks like a decent low level jet will have set up overhead by then, but it’s still a bit early to know for sure. You can grab our free WXXV Weather App, and/or stay connected through social media for updates when we’re not on-air.

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