12/02 Ryan’s “Winter-Like” Monday Evening Forecast

It’s been a while since we last saw it, but get ready for another round of winter-like weather! Temperatures will fall out of the 50s and into the 40s through the evening, but freezing temperatures arrive overnight. I expect lows to fall to right at, or slightly above freezing on the coastline, but you’ll find mid-to-upper 20s a little further inland.

Due to these conditions, don’t forget to protect the “3 P’s,” your pets, plants, and pipes.

Bring in those outdoor pets if possible, or at least make sure they have enough bedding and food if that isn’t possible. Also be sure to cover or bring in sensitive plants, and wrap any outdoor, exposed pipes. Thankfully it won’t stay that cold for very long. Tomorrow will still be nice and cool in the upper 50s, but we’ll be closing in on 70 degrees again by mid-week. Not much else changes until Friday, when our first significant cloud cover and rain chances return.

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