11/16 Ryan’s “Thicker Fog” Thursday Forecast

While the weather has remained very consistent over the past few days, we can expect some thicker fog over the next couple of nights/mornings due to increased moisture. The gradual increases to the temperature and humidity will continue through tomorrow and into the weekend, but a fast-moving front will move through Saturday night that will begin returning much cooler and drier weather to the area. Current model runs have this front moving in between 8-9 PM, but my personal opinion is that it will occur earlier due to its speed as it races down from the mountains and into the plains through tomorrow. At this time no severe weather is expected with this system and even rain chances seem to be dropping.

Frontal effects will be felt immediately as our temperatures fall from nearly 80 degrees on Saturday, down into the mid 60s by Sunday, and even further into the lower 60s by Monday. Sunday night will be the coldest we’ll see with this front, falling into the upper 30s on the waterfront while inland areas will likely flirt with freezing. These conditions are great, but won’t last long…the airmass begins to moderate and almost returns to the 70s by Wednesday.

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