11/03 Ryan’s “Warm Week’s End” Thursday Night Forecast

Expect the last warm, 80 degree afternoon temperatures for a while tomorrow, because a cold front will be moving through the area after lunch. This front doesn’t have much moisture associated with it and will be moving through primarily stable air, so nothing much more than isolated light showers are expected. Friday’s high will remain near 83, but we’ll see rapid cooling and drier air moving in almost immediately, bringing evening lows into the upper 50s. Weekend highs remain near 75 under nearly cloudless skies, but moisture returns quickly as we begin the next work week, expecting a 30-40% chance of showers by Wednesday. It’ll be our first rain in weeks if the forecast proceeds as expected.

Disturbance one continues to move into the North Central Atlantic, and is not expected to become a tropical system at this point.

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