11/30 Ryan’s “Below Freezing” Monday Night Forecast

It cleared up nicely after our cloudy weekend, but at least one night below freezing is coming up quickly. Extremely cold and dry air is rapidly moving in, bringing current temperatures down by 20 degrees compared to yesterday. Expect the low to bottom out near 30 degrees, meaning inland areas can expect the upper 20s.

That means cold weather shelters will be open across South MS tonight for those who need them.

The sun does come out tomorrow and will warm things up some, but it’s still going to be a cool day. Expect a high near 54 with basically no humidity and sunny skies. Tuesday night remains chilly, but should climb a degree or so above freezing on the coast. Luckily this cold-snap won’t last too long, as a frontal system will begin moderating the airmass by Wednesday. That’ll get temperatures back into the mid 60s, just before another front moves through bring cooler days and chilly nights back for the weekend.

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