10/6 – Payton’s Friday Afternoon Tropics Update

Today is the final day of decent weather to prepare for the storm heading to South Mississippi this weekend. There is now a HURRICANE WARNING as tropical storm force winds could begin as soon as Saturday evening. There is also a STORM SURGE WARNING for potential surge from 5-8 feet Saturday night into Sunday Morning. The speed of the storm has increased and is expected to move on shore sometime early Sunday Morning. It is still forecasted to become a weak Category 1 storm before moving on shore anywhere between the Louisiana Coast to the Florida Coast. Along with the wind and storm surge threat, 4-8 inches of rain could fall, and we can’t rule out isolated tornadoes. The most recent track of the storm shifted slightly to the East, but don’t think this means we are in the clear. The forecast will continue to have minor changes as we get closer to the storm making landfall. Continue to prepare for wind, rain, storm surge, and check back every three hours or so to see how the forecast is evolving.

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