10/11 – Payton’s Wednesday Night Forecast

After showers and thunderstorms this evening, most of the area has cleared. The cold front continues to move through the area slowly, but dry air will be filtering in over the next few days. This lower humidity will result in cooler nighttime and early morning temperatures that will be most
noticeable over the more inland areas and less noticeable along
coastal sections. Unfortunately, the dry air and abundant sunshine
during the day will continue to lead to well above normal high
temperatures in the 85 to 90 degree range on Thursday and upper
80s to around 90 degrees on Friday and Saturday.

A stronger cold front should then push through the forecast area,
although it may be shallow at first since the models indicate
potential for over-running rainfall with the sub-tropical moisture
in place behind the initially shallow frontal boundary Monday
into early Tuesday. We should finally see fairly widespread 50s to
lower 60s for lows Monday and Tuesday nights with the highs also
lowering to the mid 70s to lower 80s.)

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