10/06 Ryan’s “Hurricane Prep” Friday Forecast

I hope you enjoyed today’s beautiful weather because it’s time to prep. for things to deteriorate rapidly tomorrow afternoon. Tropical Storm Nate’s forward speed has doubled to over 20 mph from last night, and as it moves across the Central Gulf tomorrow it will increase even further, moving into the Northern Gulf around midnight. It is expected to remain a tropical storm for the duration of the trip, but it will become a hurricane just before landfall near the Harrison/Jackson County line. The winds will be on the lower end of hurricane strength (~80 mph), but will be enhanced on the Eastern half of the storm by its rapid forward motion, so winds in excess of 100 mph are more likely for most of Jackson County and into Mobile. The most recent forecast will bring the first of the outer bands onshore by the early afternoon (~ 2 PM). The bulk of the storm will begin to arrive around 8 PM, and the strongest winds/eye will move inland by 1 AM Sunday morning. Because this storm is moving so quickly, we could begin seeing conditions returning to “normal” as early as 5 AM, and clearing conditions by 4 PM Sunday. A trailing trough will slide through the area on Monday as the storm lifts towards the Northeast, bringing some rain but no severe weather is likely. We’ll drier weather with dropping temperatures by Wednesday.

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