10/7 – Rob Knight’s Friday Morning “TD #13 Update/Forecast”

Tropical Depression 13 has formed overnight near Aruba and north of Venezuela. The structure of it has not changed much. Most of the thunderstorm activity is on the southern and western sides of the system. Maximum sustained winds are at 35 MPH and it is moving west around 15 MPH. An Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunter aircraft is scheduled to investigate the system later this morning.

A strong area of high pressure will continue steer TD 13 west along the South American coast. It is forecast to strengthen into a tropical storm later today. It would get the name “Julia.” The system will likely become a hurricane early-Sunday over the warm waters of the southwestern Caribbean Sea. It will make landfall later in the day Sunday on the coast of Nicaragua. Heavy rain is the biggest concern for Central America. The system will track through Central America and weaken through the early part of next week.

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