10/26 Ryan’s “Improving” Friday Evening Forecast

The weather will continue improving through the night, leading to some of the best Fall weather we’ve seen since the season started. The rain has already gone but the cloud cover has lingered and will continue to clear.

These clear skies, light winds, and cold air moving in will combine to drop lows as far as the low 50s/upper 40s.

Daytime highs will linger in the mid 70s for a day, and the drier conditions will make it one of the most perfect days we’ve seen so far. We do see some warming heading into Sunday due to backside high return flow, but another dry cold front moves in almost immediately cooling slightly and drying all over again. The changes keep coming though.

After the second, drier front on Monday another one moves in by Thursday afternoon which looks to have much more active weather associated with it.

So, after one bout of mid-week rain we’ll see temperatures fall again as we head into the middle of the week with afternoon highs as low as the upper 60s are possible.

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