10/15 Ryan’s “Two Fronts” Tuesday Forecast

We have two fronts in Mississippi right now, so there’s no way we’re missing out on any of this rain tonight. Showers and thunderstorms will continue to push into the area tonight, and will do so until the cold front passes through tomorrow morning. Right now it looks like that will happen around 11 AM, so things will begin drying up quickly after.

This will usher in considerably cooler and drier air, bringing lows into the upper 50s and highs into the mid-to-upper 70s for start of the weekend.

Sadly, just like last weekend’s front, almost as soon as it passes by it stalls, begins to transition into a warm front, and begins creeping back towards the coastline. It also appears to be interacting with a possible tropical system in the Northern Gulf at that time, so more cloud cover and rain could be on the way. There isn’t much agreement between models in regards to this low, so it’s a situation we will continue to monitor for the rest of the week.

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