10/1 – Rob Knight’s “HOT” Beginning of October Forecast

The forecast for the first half of the week will bring rain…becoming a tad harder to come by each day going forward and temps to inch up another few degrees. A ridge of high-pressure will dominate pretty much the entire week. Currently it is still building in and will not become centered over our area until Tuesday and with that we still have a slightly better chance of seeing afternoon convection today compared to the rest of the week.

After today the big forecast story will be the temperatures. With the ridge on top of the region the strong subsidence should lead to convection having a more difficult time developing and with that likely less cloud cover as well. Highs temps will be in the upper 80s to near 90. I would not be surprised to see many locations touch 90/91 Tue-Thu maybe even 92 in the interior zones. Temps will be well above normal, especially morning lows which could be 10 to possibly as much as 15 degrees above normal. Highs will generally be around 5 to 7 degrees above normal.

We cannot rule out any chance of showers/t-storms through the week, as there will still be abundant moisture in the atmosphere. These will likely be initiated by the sea-breeze however with LL winds out of the east the sea-breeze will not surge north quickly, so the best chance for rain through the rest of the week will probably remain closer to the coast.

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