10/07 Ryan’s “Stormy” Monday Evening Forecast

It’s a little late, but stormy weather has finally returned to South Mississippi! The second of three fronts we discussed last week is now moving in, bringing thunderstorms and heavy rainfall along with cooler and drier air. So expect the rain to weaken slowly from this point forward as the skies begin to clear. Tomorrow’s high will fall to 88 degrees, four degrees cooler than today’s high!

That’s not too big of a change, but the drier air will lead to considerably more comfortable heat indices.

The best part is this pattern will be slow to change! Expect these cooler and drier conditions to linger for the rest of the week, and to actually improve when yet another front moves through over the weekend. This one’s air mass should be even colder than the one we’re getting today, so highs as low as the upper 70s are possible as we begin next week.

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