1/7 – Rob Knight’s “Weekend Warm-Up” Friday Afternoon Forecast

Tonight temperatures will be chilly once again with lows in the upper 30s to low 40s. Winds look to really lighten up tonight so wouldn’t be surprised if temperatures drop more closer to freezing with the help of continued strong cold air advection.

Saturday temperatures will see an increase with highs in the low 70s/ upper 60s as high-pressure shifts starts to build in warmer air into the area. A slight repeat of fronts is expected Saturday night as a cold front is forecast to move through the area some time Saturday evening. The only difference with this front is the substantial moisture and dynamic force return allowing for increased chances of rainfall across the area on Sunday and development of one or two thunderstorms. Persisting warm air advection will allow for seasonably warm temperatures to continue through the day with highs in the mid/upper 70s Sunday but will be overcame by cooler air mass.

A cooler and drier air mass will be the driving factor as winds begin to shift and become more northerly through the night on Sunday as a result of strong cold air advecting into the region. Monday night/Tuesday morning expect near freezing temperatures with low temperatures dropping 10 degrees or more from the night as lows dip down into the mid to low 30s.


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