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8/23 – Rob’s “Warm, Humid and Potentially Wet” Weekend Forecast

Sowers and t-storms earlier this morning will flare back up this afternoon...

7/4 – Rob’s Independence Day “Afternoon” Forecast

Temperatures are soaring into the low/mid 90s but the HEAT INDEX is making it feel like the low 100s...

6/12 – Rob Knight’s “Low Humidity” Afternoon Forecast

Upper-level clouds moving across the area will thin over the next few hours...

5/16 – Rob’s Sunny & Warm Afternoon Forecast

Warming temperatures continues under sunny skies as a few clouds are developing along the coast...

5/8 – Rob Knight’s Wednesday Afternoon Forecast

The warm and humid conditions continue as skies have become mostly cloudy...

4/19 – Rob Knight’s Easter Weekend Forecast

Clouds continue to linger as wrap-around moisture is still in the area in the wake of last night's system...

4/15 – Rob Knight’s Monday Afternoon Forecast

Temperatures continue to warm under sunny skies...

2/28 – Rob’s “Midday News” Afternoon Forecast

Cloud coverage continues as DENSE FOG has developed along the coast...

1/17 – Rob’s Warmer/Humid Near Term Forecast

A line of light rain has moved east with only a few spotty showers this afternoon...

1/16 – Rob Knight’s “Midday News” Forecast

After a chilly start to the day, temperatures continue to warm under beautiful blue skies...

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