09/26 Ryan’s “Monday Afternoon” Forecast

Clouds lingered all through the weekend, and as of Monday afternoon we’re still seeing some shower development, but after tomorrow we won’t see any more all week long. The cold front bearing down on the area is becoming separated from its upper level support and is becoming stationary. This means it will continue to linger in the area over the next day while it continues to weaken and slowly inch into the Gulf and then East. This means a low chance of afternoon showers remains for tomorrow, but cooler & drier air will begin filtering in almost immediately and we’ll see nearly clear skies by the very next morning. High pressure will remain just to the NW for the rest of the week, bringing Northerly winds and clear, sunny skies.

The tropics have quieted down in terms of named storms, but three new disturbances have popped up. Disturbance one has the highest chance of tropical formation within the next 2 days, and will likely be our next named storm. Some models are bringing this system very close to the Gulf, so we’ll continue to watch this system and post any relevant updates.

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